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  • complete necessary paperwork

  • create needed building security

  • advertise residential and commercial property

  • build good relationships with General Managers, Board Members and tenants

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Property Management Training with VytaL provided superior property management training. I was inspired to explore my strengths and got the job that I wanted. I received extra help during my course and could immediately see how I was going to get ahead.

                    _Randy Stedman-

Thanks to Vytal I got a job that I was hoping for. I learned so much and it didn't take a long time. Each session was well-structured and energizing.

I felt challenged and inspired and I learned what I needed to know to be quickly hired as the property manager for an individual investor. Right now I am also starting to work for a company with multiple holdings. This training couldn't have come at a better time for me. 

              -Alan Johnson-

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Learn the basics of managing rental property and becoming a  landlord

What you'll learn

  • Develop the mindset to understand the rental process

  • Learn what is required to be a successful landlord

  • Become aware of some of the advantages of managing rental properties

  • Understand rental terms such as: lease, tenant, landlord, security deposit, lessee, lessor

  • Recognize the methods and best practices of leasing out rental property

  • Know more about the rental process

  • How to qualify tenants and improve your selection criteria

  • Utilities

  • Security deposits

  • What to do when a tenant causes damage to property

  • Moving in and out inspections

  • Setting up proper security within the rental property

  • How to mitigate your risks as the landlord

  • Real estate attorney and different legal questions

  • Approx. 4 hours/About 60 minutes per session 

  • This course is meant for both the novice and experienced landlord

  • Much of the information is geared towards the beginner, but even those with experience can gain new insight and support


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Vytal Leasing & Business Course 235


 Session Length: Three sessions of 60 Minutes Each 

Target Viewers: 

Leasing Managers, Leasing Supervisors, Building Managers, Consultants, New Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Human Resource Managers 



Course Description: 

Vytal Leasing and Business Course is designed to instruct and challenge the new leasing consultant and even the more experienced manager who want extra tools and methods that will help them gain respect and personal self-confidence. This course will provide you with the tools to improve your management and sharpen your leasing skills to enable you to become an effective and enable you to become an effective, confident and knowledgeable leasing and property manager. 


In a Lively and Fun Online Environment Learn How To: 

  • Qualify clients. 

  • Write your elevator speech. 

  • Perfect your sales presentation. 

  • Close–Close the sale quickly and effectively.  

  • Know what the body language of your client indicates. 

  • Ask strategic questions to immediately connect with your client. 

  • Quickly accumulate important history/knowledge of the buildings’ condition. 





  • Project confidence about & knowledge of, rental properties in your portfolio. 

  • Rise above the vast majority of the competition by using more than ten closing techniques and fifteen closing question to turn a “no” into a “yes”.  

  • Improve listening skills and communication: Listen to your prospect recognize key concerns and provide a holistic solution to fit their business’ needs. 

  • Incorporate priceless body language to project reliability, experience and knowledge. 

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of leasing, leasing procedures, terminology,  

  • Increase your personal self-awareness (listen, understand and process the information your client is giving you. 

  • Complete leasing documents, following the correct legal requirements for NNN, Gross and Subsidized properties- ex: Lease documentation, cost analysis of capital projects, repairs and maintenance. 

  • Tenant interviews, screening, selection of the best tenants to be signed into the building-leasing documents and the required digital processing. 



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Vytal Commercial Property Management Course 365

Commercial property management

Course length: Three sessions of 60 minutes each

Target Viewers: 

Leasing Managers, Leasing Supervisors, Building Managers, Consultants, New Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Property manager and other professional working in commercial real estate

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to commercial property management

  • How to manage service providers

  • Define the commercial property's role whether the building is an office, a shopping center, a logistical building or a hotel

  • Introduction to commercial property management

  • Provides a general overview and tools and techniques for experienced professionals

  • Commercial buildings

  • Maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and security

  • Supervising technical operations

  • Handling financial reporting, budget planning and invoicing 

  • Overseeing tenants

  • Time management

  • Working with the leasing team, the Owner, General Manager, the Board or the Strata Group

  • There are excel spreadsheets that you can download and customize for your building

  • For Property managers and professionals working in commercial real estate 

  • This course includes Certificate of Completion


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Welcome to Vytal Property Management – your resource for full-service property management in British Columbia and Western Canada. We specialize in the management and leasing of multi-family and single-family housing and commercial buildings. Together with our clients we develop customized, property-specific management plans. We build trusting relationships through consistent communication, proven management techniques, and a results-oriented management culture.


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